Perform your surveys efficiently with a non-destructive, remote and un-baited 360° video system and a post-processing software.

Our solutions

We developped a new video system (RUV360) allowing to carry out many 360° underwater observations per day associated with a post-processing video software (SPID)

The team

Member of the French Tech Nouvelle-Caledonie, our startup is composed of one marine ecologist and one image processing specialist.

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The RUV360 technique

The technique uses a low-cost high definition camera enclosed in a waterproof housing, fixed on a tripod and set on the sea floor from the boat.
The approach is easy to use and was particularly efficient during a pilot study perfromed in New Caledonia to assess its efficiency for sampling fish and habitats.
The method is currently under review in Marine Ecology.

The SPID software

SPID is a patented player for widlife video analysis and identification. This innovation provides you a fonctional tool to save time during your video
analyses (count individuals per species).

With SPID you can also record a set of annotated images of each animal identified during your video analyses.

Stay tuned and be the first to test SPID for free !